About us


"One for all, All for one"!  Three men, one passion, beachvolleyball!


Beach Time is a project established in May 2020 by two professional beachvolleyball players and a lawyer, nourished by passion for this sport and founded on professionalism and commitment. 


Our goal is to share our passion and bring beachvolleyball all year round to people of all ages, nationalities, professions. No matter the season, it’s always Beach Time!

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Dirk Boehlé

Professional beachvolleyball player. Two times Dutch Champion and gold medal at FIVB World Tour Montpellier 2019.

Besides my career as a professional player, I like to share my passion for beachvolleyball by coaching at any level and participating in team building events. The energy and gratefulness I receive from the participants is pricelessI enjoy beach volleyball every single day and I*m very grateful for that!

I feel the moment has come to build a project with my dear friends Erik and Andrea on our common passion for beach volleyball. Beach Time will spread our enthusiasm and make your beach volleyball experience memorable!



Erik Nijland

Beach volleyball professional coach and player in the Dutch National Tour and at international level . 


I moved to The Hague at the age of 18 where I graduated in sport management. I started as an indoor volleyball player but soon fell in love with beachvolleyball and its lifestyle. Dirk and I met in 2005 playing volleyball. Soon we became inseparable friends and beachvolleyball team mates, winning together many trophies and national youth titles.

Beachvolleyball is my life. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with people, by coaching them, focusing on both the technical and human aspects of this lovely and healthy sport.


​Andrea Marinelli

EU and International law as a profession, beach volley as a passion. Born and raised in Rome, I spent most of my life abroad, studying and working in France, Belgium and Netherlands.

My passion for beachvolleyball was born in The Hague while training with Dirk and Erik. It soon became a life style, steering my journeys around the world towards the sun, beaches and oceans.

Endorsing the motto ‘work hard, play hard’, I successfully combined my career for the EU with my passion for this sport. You don’t need to be a professional player to love beach volley.